How do you start your day?

According to my, long sleep deprives us of success. If you wanna live long life keep yourself healthy. Wake up early in the morning and start your day with exercise.
Drink warm water in the early morning it helps you to stay fit and healthy. It might prove helpful to get rid of different diseases. Many studies show that drinking warm water is has proven helpful in the recovery of the person against lethal disease.
If a person takes medicine regularly and drinks warm water in daily routine will help that person to become fit and healthy.

Some important things you want to know about aging:
do u know that a person gets old after the age of 30? it might be literally true. today people live long and healthy life due to the development in medical sciences,
and better nutrition and people today have the potential to live longer as compared to their grandparents did. But the reality is that your body develops health
problems like cancer which may prove a lethal disease. And half of all cancers in the United state are diagnosed in people aged 55 to 75. You don’t develop the disease
like cancer, heart attack develop in your body, not due to any sexual contact as you get older and this disease occurs in your body due to weak internal
body metabolism,

A heart attack occurs when blood didn’t reach the heart by blood carrying blood vessels due to blockage of blood vessels.
These vessels get blocked by fats and cholesterol and other substances.

A person gets suffers from heart disease must take medicine regularly according to the doctor instructions.

A person must use plenty of vegetables and fruits in daily life which have beneficial health effects.

Avoid oily things that contain fats and cholesterol.

Stay away from fast food don’t eat too much fast food like fries, pizza, burgers, etc.

Take medicine regularly.

Eat fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries these fruits contain important nutrients which play a beneficial role in heart health.
Berries are antioxidants and protect oxidative stress and inflammation which causes heart disease.

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