Uses of apple

origin of apple :
The wild ancestor of the apple was found in Central Assia (Malus sieversii) . Apples are cultivated in Asia and Europe for thousands of years and some European colonists were brought them to North America.
While the DNA analysis of apples showed that apples originated in the mountains of Kazakhstan. it is the most widely cultivated tree (malus Domestica ),(family Rosacea)and they do cross-pollination for fertilization.

There are three varieties of apple
3:cooking varieties
These varieties emphasize color, Aroma, tang, and crispness. Apples are a good source of vitamin A and C and are rich in carbohydrates and fibers.
apples need a considerable period for dormancy its thrives in areas having a distinct winter period generally from latitude 30 degrees to 60 degrees both north and south.The soil should be well-drained for tree growth and we can use fertilizers if yield crops is not highabout 18 months of age scions of apple’s desired varieties grafted onto harder nursery seedling. orchard planting is done after one to two years.
Uses of Apple:
they are mainly used to control diarrhea or conspiration.
apples are mainly used to prevent lung cancer.
How does it work?
pectin present in I apple which helps bulk up to stool diarrhea and constipation.
apples contain some chemicals that can kill bacteria.
Apple peel contains a chemical called ursolic acid that has a role in building muscle and metabolism.
some researchers shoes that taking apple pectin twice daily for six months didn’t reduce the ulcers of the small intestine.
Effect of using apple :
1:High fever
2:Hair loss
5:Lungs cancer
6:Weight Loss

HIgh fever:
taking a specific drink that contains certain chemicals from apples called polyphenols daily for four weeks can reduce hay fever symptoms, such as sneezing and swelling inside the nose.

Hair loss:
procyanidin B-2 a chemical present in apples might increase hair growth in men with hair loss.
early researches suggest that eating one or more apple daily can reduce the risk of developing (esophageal) or voice box larynx cancer. so we should use apple in our daily routine
by tasking, a specific combination product containing apple pectin and German chamomile by mouth for one to three days might reduce the symptoms in children with diarrhea.

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