Benefits & Uses of Lemon

some health benefits of lemon

For human health :
For heart health, we should use lemon in our daily routine because lemon is a good source of vitamin c.
it is used as a weight-loss food.

1:Is a lemon is bad for your health?
the citric acid in lemon is corrosive and damaging to tooth enamel. so important point is that it should be digested sparingly if it’s not been fully digested the acid can and eventually affect your tooth enamel.
Role of flavonoids in our body:

These have a major effect on our body to maintain body function by regulating cellular activity and fight off free radicals that cause oxidative stress in your body.
your body functions more efficiently if u protect your body against toxins. flavonoids are powerful antioxidant agent which helps your body to function properly and boosts your body for better performance.
so the number of flavanoids present in lemon provides an antioxidant effect which is beneficial for human health.

Things happen to your body when you eat lemon:
you can get rid of expensive creams and spa treatment by adding some lemon to your diet to make a youthful glow on your skin.

2:Your blood pressure goes down:
high blood pressure can cause a serious heart attack or stroke and also cause kidney failure .but eating lemon on a regular has been proven to help.
People who eat half a lemon a day may get benefits.
although lemons should not be the sole treatment for something as serious as high blood pressure.
A lemon a day could keep the doctor away.

3: its also help to overcome your problem like overeating. pectin which is found in citrus fruits has been proven to help people feel fuller longer. Add pulpy lemon juice to your water throughout the day if you are looking to improve your diet and shed a little bit of weight then u should take it slow so you actually keep it off
because polyphenols compound present in lemon contain antioxidant that’s why lemon is called an antioxidant and it may be beneficial to prove your health.
It reduces fat accumulation and weight gain.

4: You fight off inflammation:
inflammation is important for immune response to fight off diseases like cold; chronic inflammation can lead to some digestive issues, fatigue, vitamin c present in lemon has been proven to reduce inflammation because vitamin c has antioxidant properties.
has been proven to reduce inflammation.

5:you will drink more water;
drinking plenty of water is beneficial as losing weight, faster metabolism, adding lemon juice water makes it’s more refreshing and u can easily drink it.

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